Four techniques to build suspense into your cold calling sales voice mails

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Get a response to your cold calling sales voice mails.

Have you read novels by John Grisham, Tom Clancy, or perhaps Patricia Cornwell? These authors have the uncanny ability to draw you in, get you to turn the page – even stay up past midnight. Why? Because they are masters at intrigue.

At the end of every chapter, there’s an unanswered question, a sense of expectation. You can’t help but read on.

Be a voice mail ‘novelist’

When your cold calling sales prospects access their voice mail, something must grab them. You must leave your prospect hungry for more. He or she must want to pick up that phone in the telephone equivalent of turning to the next page.

How do you do that?

Here are four cold calling sales techniques you can use to build intrigue:

  1. “I need your help…”
  2. This has proven effective in getting prospects to call back. Example: “Mr. Barnes, I need your help with some research I am doing on safety issues and I am told you are the resident expert…”

  3. “I have an idea….”
  4. This works well because it leaves the prospect wondering. Example: “Ms. Ackerman, I have an idea that I would like to run by you that might significantly impact your quality control program…”

  5. “I have a question…”
  6. This works well because of exclusivity. Example: “Dr. Kwo, I have a question that I believe only you can answer concerning carpal tunnel syndrome…”

  7. “An insider…”
  8. The insider referral leverages someone within your company and creates a unique sense of intrigue. Example: “Mr. Jackson, Dan Carrigan, the head of our Product Development Division, suggested I give you a call concerning productivity…”

    Based on material from Jim Domanski

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