Four keys to a positive first impression in your cold calling sales

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Positive first impressions are essential with your cold calling sales

Our brains take “snapshots” within milliseconds of a first meeting. The feelings related to those pictures predict the path of the relationship; the stronger the initial emotion, the thicker the memory paths in the brain. It’s useful to know that the brain has more negative receptors in the brain than positive ones.

With that in mind, here are four ways you can anchor positive memories to your cold calling sales:

  1. If someone expresses fear of any kind, make him or her feel safe as quickly as you can.
  2. Buyers, for example, often fear making a bad decision. Reduce the fear by assuring them that you understand what’s at stake.

  3. Over communicate with cold calling sales at first.
  4. Find helpful ways to keep in contact within the first few days of meeting new people. They want to feel important and wanted. They want to feel like you were paying attention to the conversation.

  5. Lighten up.
  6. Not all humor is appropriate for all situations, but laughter and lightness are almost always right with cold calling sales. Listen for openings that give you a chance to lighten up and reduce stress. When you laugh with someone, they remember you fondly.

  7. The brain craves fairness.
  8. There is a place in the brain that is tickled by fairness. It’s the same place that initiates the good feelings people get from sex and chocolate. If you want to establish positive feelings in a relationship, always check your conversations and contracts for fairness.
    The goal: You want people in your presence to feel better about themselves, and when they’re not with you, to remember how good they felt when they were. It’s a powerful elixir.

Based on “Be a Shortcut,” by Scott Halford published by John Wiley & Sons

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