Five Steps to your cold calling sales success

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Managing yourself for cold calling sales success

As the saying goes, if you want to know who’s responsible for your success or failure, ask the person in the mirror. Self-management is critical to cold calling sales success.

There’s no magic bullet, but if you want a self-management system that works for you, not against you, take these five steps:

  1. Identify your essential competencies and performance metrics.
  2. Competencies include converting conversations to appointments, converting appointments to proposals, closing ratio, sales cycle and average revenue per sale.

  3. Diagnose your business.
  4. Ask what happens if you’re closing ratio drops by 30% and your average revenue per sale increases by $2,500. How does that affect your desired results?Play with the numbers and ratios to see how they are related and how they affect each other.

  5. Calculate your “magic number” of new appointments for cold calling sales success
  6. We all have a Magic Number that’s personal. If you routinely achieve it, you will routinely meet your desired results. It’s important to understand how that number is interrelated with other competency ratios, performance metrics and desired revenue results.

  7. Follow the Napkin Rule.
  8. Put aside all those sales automation systems for 30 days and keep track of your performance metrics on a single napkin. Compute updates daily. Store the napkin in your pocket. When the napkin fills up, transfer it to a legal pad to show month to date. After 30 days, transfer the data to a spreadsheet.

  9. Run after your cold calling sales numbers, not your quota.
  10. Concentrate on your numbers, so you can diagnose performance trends ahead of a revenue crisis. You’ll have the power to institute strategies and tactics for immediate recovery.

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