Find the cold calling sales leads in your own company

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Use the other departments in your company to build cold calling sales intelligence

Some of the finest sales managers I know routinely overlook valuable cold calling sales leads from inside their own companies. They fail to consider fellow employees who work with current customers as part of their everyday job. Examples include co-workers in customer service, accounting and administration who deal with and speak to important customer contacts all the time.

Of course you can’t expect them to do your cold calling sales for you. But it’s worth keeping in touch with them to gain fresh perspectives on customers and their organizations.

Co-workers who “touch” customers are often made aware of key information in their ordinary conversations that could be very useful. This “intelligence” can help reps adjust their cold calling sales strategies. For example, your colleague in accounts payable may notice that a client is paying more slowly – which may give you an early warning about impending budget cuts.
Start by deciding the kind of information you’d like to gather. This might include fresh insight into the account, new contact people in place, pending organizational changes, or new products or services being introduced.

Recruit internally
Speak to likely internal sources, to ask for their help in providing information and leads.
Strategies to consider:

  1. Provide a list of questions or information they might gather as the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Include key co-workers in account planning sessions to make them part of the team.
  3. Offer modest “thank you” incentives, such as a gift card for dinner on the town.

Based on “Selling Against the Goal,” by Kendra Lee

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