Cold Calling techniques for great testimonials

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Cold calling techniques to bring out ringing endorsements from your customers

Having satisfied customers who think the world of you is terrific, but it won’t spread the word about your product or service. To get a ringing endorsement from a customer, you’ve got to dig it out with some innovative cold calling techniques.

One way is to call on a number of recent buyers and simply ask them, “How is our product (or service) helpful to you?” You may be lucky and get a Cadillac quote you can roll right off the lot, but that’s unlikely. Chances are they’ll say something like “It works.”

The ‘Five Why’s’ technique
This is where you need the Five Whys cold calling techniques, which postulates that to get what you want from an interviewee, you need to ask “why” roughly five times.

So ask “Why does it work?” And they’ll say, “Because it’s reliable.”
And you reply, “That’s great. Why do you find it reliable?”
“Because it solves my problem.”
“Help me understand why it solves your problem?”
“Because before we bought your system, it used to take three people eight hours to process our payroll. Today it takes one person six hours.”
“And why is that important to your business?”
“Because it cut our payroll costs by 70%, that’s why!”
Now there’s a Cadillac quote. It took some persistence, but you got it (with just four whys!).

Next step
Repeat back to the person what he or she said, and then say, “Great! May I share that with some of my other customers?” Don’t say, “Can I quote you?” Nobody wants to be “quoted” about your product. But they’ll happily share their feelings about it.

Added bonus: Getting customers to praise your product as part of your cold calling techniques, reinforces their original decision to buy – while predisposing them to buy more from you in the future.

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