Cold call sales strategies that support forward momentum

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What to try when nothing’s working in cold call sales.

We’re hard-wired to think cold call sales success consists of setting the bar higher and challenging ourselves to soar over it.
But during tough times, the path to success can be barely perceptible. If you’re struggling to overcome some hardship – whether business or personal – here are some strategies that support forward momentum:

  • Get someone to ask you questions.
  • A mind under stress is better able to respond to questions than to initiate ideas.

  • Ask someone to talk you through the challenge by asking questions.
  • The other person doesn’t need to know your business; the idea is to get you to talk about what you’re facing. First question: “What’s the biggest problem right now?”

  • Trim your To Do list.
  • Have no more than three items on your “Must Do” list at a time; add more as items get completed.

  • Don’t rely on your memory.
  • Write it down! Memory crumbles when under stress.

  • Get a reality check on your expectations.
  • Modest goals that are achieved are better than big goals that aren’t.

  • You may not be the best judge of your goals at times like this.
  • Talk them over with someone who understands your situation.

  • Pay attention to bad moods and resentments.
  • That’s your mind trying to tell you something. These moods may be telling you to take a different approach.

  • Remember that nothing is wasted.
  • Missed opportunities in cold call sales often return in a different guise. Keep an open mind after saying “no” to something that’s too much for you right now. Also, consider what you’ve gained from the effort: new insights, new relationships new ideas.
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