Are You Selling Bats, or Home Runs with your cold calling sales?

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Focus on the customers’ needs with your cold calling sales

When my son first joined the local Little League team, he couldn’t hit dirt with a shovel. He was one of the smallest kids playing and I figured the team bats were too big for him. So we went shopping for a bat. The salesperson at the sporting-goods store knew a lot about bats. He showed us one featuring 22 ounces of anodized aluminum and a neoprene nonslip grip at close-out prices.

He never realized that we weren’t buying aluminum and rubber. My son was shopping for home runs. I was looking to buy him a big dose of confidence and self-esteem.

Move customers, not product with cold calling sales
Why is it so hard to stay focused on customers’ needs in cold calling sales?
One big reason: For all the talk about customer focus, most salespeople are still measured by how well we move the goods. The sporting goods store has lots of bats in inventory. So that’s what the salesperson thinks about. Successful salespeople realize that their success isn’t about moving product. It’s about moving customers. Customers want to be moved – moved closer to their goals, hopes and dreams. They won’t spend their money to be left in the same place.
Unless we take the time to understand customers’ hopes and dreams – not just their needs and wants – we will miss opportunities to deliver greater value (and to be rewarded accordingly).

When my son and I shopped for bats, we were shopping for possibilities. I would have spent plenty if the salesman had convinced me that this bat, just possibly, could make my son a winner.

Based on material from Rick Phillips

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