Authenticity: A fast way to connect in cold call sales

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In cold call sales, don’t be perfect. Be yourself.

Traditional cold call sales wisdom suggests that you always want to put your best foot forward. Be on your best behavior. Say the right things. And whatever you do, don’t show any vulnerability. Any sign of weakness or chinks in your armor will lose the sale.

Hold on. Think of people you feel most connected to. Have they shown you their vulnerability and authentic selves? Certainly! And in a sale, whom do you buy from? Someone you feel connected to or someone who feels distant or remote? Of course, you buy from people you connect with.

Do I have spinach in my teeth?
Trying to control cold call sales by doing everything right actually drives distance by being less vulnerable or authentic. Paradoxically, you build trust when you are vulnerable and your authentic self. Vulnerability is a state of mind. It sends a clear signal to your prospect or customer: “This is who I am. This is real. I’m not hiding anything.”

If you’re new to a situation, be honest about it. If you’re unsure of an answer, admit it. If you disagree, do so. If you messed up, say you’re sorry, skip the excuses and move on. If you think you have spinach in your teeth, come out and say it: “Do I have spinach in my teeth?”
You get the picture. If you are authentic and honest, you are vulnerable in a very good way. It will take you further and faster. A key to successful cold call sales is to quit trying to be perfect and decide to be you. Trust that your authentic self is more than enough. It’s the strongest way to connect.

Based on “The Age of Speed,” by Vince Poscente

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