6 cold calling tips to help remember names

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Cold calling tips to help with name recall

The critical importance of a person’s name – it’s something that hasn’t changed over the centuries since the first salesman pitched the first prospect. But before you can use a person’s name to boost your influence with her, you have to remember it. And this poses problems for more than one sales pro, which these cold calling tips help to alleviate. .

“Sorry, what was your name again?” throws a chill on a relationship at the very instant when you want it to be warming up. If you have trouble recalling names, try one or more of these six memory techniques to help yourself remember more names

  1. Verify the spelling.
  2. On hearing that someone’s name is “Terry,” ask “Is that Terry with an ‘i’ or a ‘y’?” Repetition helps you remember. (But you’ll look silly if you ask, for example, “Is that Dave with a ‘v’?” In such cases, use one of the other aids.)

  3. Ask how they want to be addressed.
  4. “Do I call you Thomas or Tom?” Same principle as above.

  5. Link the pronunciation with a rhyming word.
  6. “Is that Haley as in ‘daily’ or Halley as in ‘rally’?” The extra association helps you hold onto the name.

  7. Relate the name to someone or something well-known.
  8. Your key could be “Yosemite” or “Central” for someone named Park. Or “Biggy” for a person named Smalls.

  9. Use the name quickly.
  10. Example: “What do you think, Frank?”

  11. Work the person’s name into the conversation right away.
  12. Use it again as they, or you, leave. This cements the name in your mind.
    Based on “Secrets of Power Persuasion for Salespeople,” by Roger Dawson

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