10 key cold calling tips

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Cold calling tips that lead to sales success

Keep these 10 key cold calling tips close to the phone to boost your cold calling success rate:

  1. Smile all the time. Though prospects can’t see it, they can hear it in your voice.
  2. Know your objective inside and out. Keep it firmly in mind. You can’t achieve it if you don’t conceive it.
  3. Know your prospect and their business. If you don’t know a prospect’s situation, at least know typical issues facing his or her industry or business.
  4. Identify yourself. Don’t be cute. Say who you are, who you work for and what you sell.
  5. Don’t be too slick or too cool. A silver-tongued salesperson sounds insincere and makes people suspicious. Be conversational.
  6. Be clear and simple. Forget the big words and jargon. They’re too hard to follow.
  7. Don’t exaggerate your claims “Maybe we can help” is a lot more inviting than “Here’s a fantastic idea to increase your business!”
  8. Be direct and get to the point. Talk benefits, not features. Better yet: Focus on personal benefits.
  9. Move the sale forward yourself. Take the initiative for the next step: “I’ll be out your way next week. I’d like to stop by with samples.”
  10. Relax and don’t tense up. Relaxation is the first rule of selling. Nobody will want to buy from you if you sound tense.

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