10 cold calling tips that will double your sales

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These cold calling tips are designed to make you more efficient

Increasing your efficiency with these cold calling tips is one of the best ways to increase your sales numbers. Say it takes 20 prospecting calls to get an appointment. If you can get just one more appointment out of those calls, you’ve doubled your efficiency all the way down the line.

Consider these 10 cold calling tips to get more out of each prospecting call:

  1. Set two objectives for each call. Set a primary objective, but also a fallback goal that you’ll have a reasonable chance of achieving, such as, “Get permission to put prospect on our mailing list.” This way you can enjoy success on nearly every call and maximize the value of your prospecting time.
  2. Have a reason for needing to speak with the decision makers. Be able to answer the gatekeeper’s unspoken question: “Does this person have anything of interest or value to offer my boss?”
  3. Make every call sound like the only call. Don’t open with, “I was just calling people in your area.” People don’t want to feel that they’re part of a list.
  4. Use fuzzy words. Words like “might”,”maybe” or “possibly” open the door to asking some questions, and tend to disarm skeptical prospects. For example: “Depending on what you’re doing now, I have an idea that could possibly reduce your company’s health care costs. May I ask a few questions to see whether this idea might work for you?”
  5. Don’t present from a benefit list. On a cold call, you don’t really know whether these are benefits to this prospect or not. Some could actually be liabilities. Instead, use the list to create questions that can help determine whether those “benefits” are truly of value.
  6. Don’t make prospects think too hard. Keep in mind with all of these cold calling tips that the prospect’s focus was probably somewhere else. Questions that are too general – such as “What do you look for in a supplier?”– require way too much effort. Specific questions are easier to answer: “Has your company been affected by rising workers compensation costs?”
  7. Be confident in your questioning. You reveal more about your expertise with these cold calling tips. The questions you ask are more important than the answers you give. Focused, insightful questions help position you as an expert. Prepare your questions. Role play them ahead of time if necessary.
  8. Know where you’ll go with the answers – even if you don’t get the answer you expected: “You’ve managed to hold the line on workers comp premiums? Wow, that’s pretty unusual. What’s your secret?”
  9. Ask for feedback. “Do you feel this is something that would work for you?” Some argue that these questions create an opportunity for a prospect to say no. True – and that’s a good thing. If the prospect doesn’t see value in what you’ve suggested, now’s the time to find out, so you can fix it.
  10. Set a goal for every day. Most salespeople and sales “gurus” cold calling tips turn up the heat as the end of the quota period approaches to squeeze out a last few sales to make their numbers. Use daily goals to keep that same kind of intensity.
  11. Based on material from Art Sobczak, www.businessbyphone.com

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