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Sales Manager or Babysitter? 5 Ways to Create Sales Rep Accountability

What if you could build a sales team that doesn’t rely on you for everything? Too good to be true? And what if you could foster an environment where committed reps are accountable for their own success? Imagine what your team could accomplish. Too often sales managers run themselves ragged just solving reps’ problems and…

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Recorded Webinars

Recorded Webinar

The Future of Sales Talent Development: 3 Defining Trends & How You Can Deploy Them

Ask yourself one simple question: “Is my organization better off with trained or untrained salespeople?” It’s a no brainer. Trained salespeople are far better at conducting purposeful discovery, navigating sales objections and closing high-value deals. But there’s a problem. In most organizations, formal sales-skills training just doesn’t happen. The culprit: time. Sales Managers who are…

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How to Get New Sales Hires Up To Speed More Quickly

You know all too well that new sales hires start out as a liability for your company. After weeks – even months – are put into finding the right candidate, you make the offer. Once they’re hired, the clock is running. You need to get them up to speed and contributing as fast as possible….