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Why Salespeople Fall Into Slumps – and How to Coach Them Back to Success

It’s true. Even the best salespeople will fall into a slump from time to time. As you know, a slumping salesperson can get discouraged, feeling like their losing streak might just last forever. And if you’re not careful, a slump could destroy your rep’s confidence, nearly guaranteeing that the slump will continue. Why does this happen?…

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Tough Negotiations: How to Hold Your Ground With a Price Bully

We’ve all faced customers and prospects that pride themselves on how hard they can squeeze their vendors. But this approach only works when you let them get away with it. The secret is taking control of the negotiation so that customers see that you won’t be pushed around.   In this Quick Take, you will…

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Sales IQ Test…

This ebook presents 10 sales questions to test your experience and instincts, so you can see how well they align with the latest science.