What You Can Do to Help Your Reps Master the Art of Sales Discovery

WHEN: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1:00 PM – 40 minutes
SPEAKER: Steve Von Hoene, Journey Learning

Why are we giving you free admission to this webinar? Because we’d like to introduce you to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center – an online training system to help sales managers deliver critical training to their people. By attending this webinar you’ll not only get some practical ideas to help your reps work through the discovery process, you’ll also be given access to a 10-minute online training module on sales discovery – perfect for sharing with your team. This video is just one of the many programs you’ll find in the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center library. We hope you enjoy the webinar and your free trial.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In Sales 101 your sales reps all learned that “discovery” – questioning prospects to learn their true needs – is a critical phase of the selling process. They learned that in most sales it’s impossible to effectively “map” needs to solutions unless you really understand the customers “pain.” Good discovery is all about “finding the pain.”

No surprise, however, that among salespeople, “discovery” skills reflect a standard bell curve. A handful wouldn’t spot an opportunity if it were written on a prospect’s forehead. A small percentage listen so intently and dig so deeply that they find the needle in the haystack almost every time. But most are average. They haven’t mastered the probing and listening skills that allow superstars to achieve breakthrough results.

That’s why we invite you to join sales talent development expert Steve Von Hoene as he discusses what YOU can do to be sure your reps master the art of sales discovery.

In this program you will learn:

  • Why so much sales training fails to deliver results
  • How to help your reps uncover customer needs using The Five Whys Technique
  • What it means to have a “threaded” conversation
  • How the Five Whys will make your people better consultative sellers who turn more prospects into high-value customers
  • What it takes to make this critical training message stick

NOTE: This program isn’t for your sales people. It’s for you – Sales Managers who need to know how to effectively train their salespeople. This is about “training the trainer” how to get results through people.

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Steve Von Hoene founded Journey Learning with over 21 years of sales, management, and training experience with three industry leaders. Formerly the Vice President of National Accounts for Carew International, he enjoyed great success in a wide range of industries, consulting and facilitating sales, leadership, customer service, and financial literacy workshops with Fortune 500 companies in the United States and abroad. Prior to Carew, Steve’s seven years with Cintas Corporation and six years with the Hubert Company gave him solid backgrounds in operational management and marketing.

Steve’s ability to blend his real-world experience and in-depth knowledge with Journey Learning’s solid training offerings makes him an invaluable resource to their clients. His great sense of humor, high energy, and winning attitude ensure your colleagues will enjoy working with him, and will greatly benefit from his rich experience and knowledge. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, as well as certifications in numerous professional development programs.

The Rapid Learning Institute is dedicated to helping managers become more effective trainers and talent developers. The problem we solve: Most managers aren’t professional trainers and are too busy to make talent development a priority. The RLI’s signature five- to 10-minute “rapid learning” modules, called Quick Takes, help leaders fulfill their training responsibilities by providing ready-to-use tools that let them to replicate the knowledge, skills and attitudes that made them successful, and get results through other people. Key content areas include: Sales, HR, Employment Law Compliance, Leadership and Safety.


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