Hiring Great Salespeople: A Proven Approach to Smoke Out Impostors

WHEN: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 2:00 PM EST – 40 minutes
SPEAKER: Steve Von Hoene, Journey Learning

Why are we giving you free admission to this webinar? Because we’d like to introduce you to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center – an online training system to help sales managers deliver critical training to their people. By attending this webinar you’ll not only get some practical ideas on how to avoid bad hires, you’ll also be given access to a 10-minute online training module on hiring salespeople. This video is just one of the many programs you’ll find in the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center library. We hope you enjoy the webinar and your free trial.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sales candidates are among the most difficult job candidates to evaluate. Sellers usually have the best presentation skills, understand how to “sell themselves”, and know exactly what buttons to push.

But the cost of a bad sales hire is huge. The hard losses are obvious: your time, lost sales, damage to your company’s reputation, etc. But also at risk is your credibility as a sales leader. When you repeatedly bring in the wrong people, your boss and your sales reps will begin to question your ability to effectively lead the team.

In this 35-minute presentation, sales and management consultant and talent evaluation expert Steve Von Hoene will walk you through a proven technique to find out which sales candidates can really sell, and which will likely fail.

The program covers:

  • The most dangerous attitude a sales manager can bring to an interview with a job candidate
  • The preparation oversight that gives Impostors an opening
  • A questioning technique that will expose Impostors every time
  • Two critical but often overlooked parts of the hiring process

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Steve Von Hoene founded Journey Learning with over 21 years of sales, management, and training experience with three industry leaders. Formerly the Vice President of National Accounts for Carew International, he enjoyed great success in a wide range of industries, consulting and facilitating sales, leadership, customer service, and financial literacy workshops with Fortune 500 companies in the United States and abroad. Prior to Carew, Steve’s seven years with Cintas Corporation and six years with the Hubert Company gave him solid backgrounds in operational management and marketing. Steve’s ability to blend his real-world experience and in-depth knowledge with the Rapid Learning Institute solid training offerings makes him an invaluable resource to our clients. His great sense of humor, high energy, and winning attitude ensure your colleagues will enjoy working with him, and will greatly benefit from his rich experience and knowledge. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, as well as certifications in numerous professional development programs.


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