Back Safety: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Access this 7-minute video now and give your workers the critical safety refresher training they need to avoid back injuries. Workers will learn:

  • The two most common causes of back injuries – and what you can do to avoid them
  • A lifting technique that every employee should master
  • Why minor back injuries so often become major problems
  • How pride and ego contribute to workplace back injuries
  • Four reasons that even safety conscious workers forget their back safety training

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The facts on back injuries

Nearly 3,000 employees will injure their back at work TODAY – and every day. That’s a million injured workers every year. And most of these injuries occur in just two situations:

  1. Manual material handling – when people are lifting, carrying, holding and lowering objects.
  2. Repetitive trauma – when people are working in an awkward position or use improper lifting techniques over a period of time.

The good news is that back injuries can be prevented.

Access this free video and help your workers learn proper techniques and practices to avoid back injuries on the job.

What causes back injuries?

Most workers have been trained to avoid back injuries. So why do they keep happening?

Studies show that most injuries are caused by four common worker mistakes:

  • Rushing to finish the job. Hurrying causes workers to forget proper lifting procedures. They know what to do – they just don’t do it.
  • Over exertion. Workers fail to consider that their back muscles need time to adjust to the demands of new tasks. They think they can keep up with co-workers who may have been doing the job for years.
  • Not reporting pain. Pain’s a sign that something’s not right and needs to be fixed. Workers too often try to work through the pain and the injury gets worse.
  • Thinking “I can do this myself”. Ego and pride often push workers to ignore company lifting procedures for heavy objects. They don’t ask for help on lifts that require additional hands or mechanical assistance.

Access your free safety training video now and learn what you can do to help workers combat the most common causes of back injuries.

What Safety professionals can do about it

Safety professionals know that proper back safety prevents workplace injuries, and yet workers don’t always transfer that training to the job. Why not?

Because training is a process, not an event.

Studies show that within two weeks of training, most people have forgotten 80% of what they’ve learned. But when safety professionals follow up with workers and provide effective refresher training, the learning sticks. The result: fewer injuries and lost workdays.

This safety training video will help you give workers the necessary refresher training to make sure they retain what they’ve learned. In just 7 minutes, your team will learn the critical skills needed to prevent workplace back injuries.

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