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Rapid Learning Institute: The Problem We Solve

Stephen J. Meyer

CEO, Rapid Learning® Institute

In most organizations, training and talent development gets a shockingly low return on investment. Why? Because front line managers, who are accountable for it, aren't getting it done in a way that benefits the organization.

But it's not the managers' fault

We usually promote people into management because they excel at a technical skill — e.g., selling, accounting, etc. Then we say, “Go replicate in others the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that made you successful.” Problem is, we rarely teach managers how to assess needs, develop curricula, deliver curricula and follow up to make learning stick. So managers, out of their comfort zone and overwhelmed by their talent development role, either do nothing or train people in a half-baked way that fails to deliver results.

The magic of chunked learning

The solution lies in recent research on adult learning. Psychologists have proven that adults learn far better when learning is delivered in small “chunks.”

Adults have trouble processing large amounts of new learning and quickly forget it. But adults CAN absorb and retain narrowly defined learning concepts.

A game changer for managers

“Chunked learning” has tremendous value for adult learners but it's an absolute game changer for managers. “Chunking” allows managers to reframe their talent development role. Before they viewed it through a wide lens, and it seemed overwhelming. Chunking allows them to view training through a narrow lens — “I'm conveying a single learning concept in a very short event.” Chunked learning seems doable, and it starts getting done.

Small victories

The chunked learning tools provided by RLI help managers achieve “small victories.” Our approach to training and talent development is built around six- to 10-minute programs that are focused on a single, learning concept. Armed with these tools, managers see their staff development responsibilities as something they have both the time and skill to accomplish, so it rises on their priority list. They start teaching people discrete concepts, one at a time. They see knowledge transfer happening. They see behavior changes. As managers accumulate more and more of these small victories, they build a core competency as talent developers.


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