RLI Blended Learning Solutions

Combining the power of instructor-led training and e-learning

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The Rapid Learning Institute model is built to allow users to implement our e-learning system without outside assistance. However, many clients opt for a “blended learning” solution that combines instructor-led training, or ILT, with e-learning.

We’re happy to help. The RLI offers two types of blended learning programs for our clients.

  1. Comprehensive training programs on specific management or sales topics. Using the RLI e-learning module library as the centerpiece, we’ll help you custom design a curriculum based on your specific training needs. At a time that works best for you, we’ll send one of our experienced instructors to get your team up to speed quickly … and lay out a follow-up program to ensure the training sticks.
  2. “Train your trainers” how to turn our e-learning modules into training sessions. We’ll design a training program to show your organization’s managers how to use RLI’s rapid e-learning modules to create one-hour training sessions for their people. More important, we’ll explain what it takes to provide the “interval reinforcement” required to make that training stick.

How the process works

Step 1: Discovery

You’ll consult with RLI’s Director of Blended Learning to map out a plan that meets your specific needs. This phone call will cover your challenges, goals and expected outcomes after the program is complete.

Step 2: Shaping Your Curriculum

Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll craft a program designed to deliver the results you want and submit a plan to you within a day or two of the initial consultation.

Step 3: Scheduling

After you approve the plan, it’s just a matter of picking dates that work with your schedule. We book dates on a first-come-first-serve basis so the more notice you give, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate.

Step 4: The Training Event

The details of how the program unfolds are ultimately up to you but we recommend that a seven-hour schedule include a one-on-one meeting with you (or the person in charge of the training event), an overview session that covers the three pillars of the RLI philosophy (rapid learning, interval reinforcement and shared vocabulary), the group session with scheduled breaks, a group wrap-up meeting to review key concepts and a closing one-on-one meeting with you to discuss progress and next steps.


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