Even the best sales reps fall into a slump from time to time.

As you know, a slumping salesperson can get discouraged, feeling like their losing streak might just last forever. And if you’re not careful, a slump could destroy your rep’s confidence, nearly guaranteeing that the slump will continue.

Why does this happen? And what can you do as a manager to coach your salespeople out of slumps before they do any real damage?

For the answers, join us for this free webinar. We’ll look at research from the University of Pennsylvania that reveals the psychological reasons for sales slumps and how you can step in and turn reps around so they stay on track and keep on selling.

To discuss this research, we’ve teamed up with sales management and training veteran Steve Von Hoene for a 25-minute webinar followed by a live Q&A. We’ll show you how to stop slumps before they become toxic and answer your questions on how to keep your reps confident and motivated.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The psychological reason for why slumps happen
  • Why slumping reps literally talk themselves into failing
  • The theory of “explanatory styles” that turns failure into success
  • A coaching technique that helps struggling reps get back on track
  • A tool that salespeople can use to prevent slumps before they start

Steve Von Hoene

Speaker & Author of The Accidental Sales Manager

Chris Lytle is a recognized expert in the sales development field. In 2011 his second book “The Accidental Sales Manager” was released. He is also the author of the best-seller “The Accidental Salesperson.” Chicago Tribune Media rated Chris’s book one of the Top 10 Career Books as soon as it hit the shelves. His lively, interactive keynote speeches and seminar presentations cover all facets of how to lead a top sales team.
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