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You know that moment when you’re eavesdropping on your sales reps (heck, that’s your job), and thinking, “Why did they say that? They just blew the sale.

In sales, language is our most powerful – and often our only – tool. What sales reps say – and what they don’t say – could be the difference between a won sale or a lost opportunity.

Effective sales language isn’t about the gift of gab, or using words as a weapon to manipulate buyers into doing something they don’t really want to do. It’s about helping buyers make good decisions, and guiding them toward a solution that makes sense.

Scientific research shows how reps can have those kinds of conversations.

And it can help you change your reps’ behavior. It’s not enough simply to teach reps what they should say. You have to help them apply this learning – in the real world, on the fly, when sales are on the line.

Join us for our latest free webinar The Psychology of Sales Language: Coaching Your Reps on What to Say to Get the Sale. During the event we’ll discuss 6 power phrases grounded in sales psychology that your reps can use time and time again.

During this program we’ll discuss:

  • What holds sales reps back from saying what they need to say to move the sale forward
  • 6 key phrases that every salesperson should know
  • What research can tell us about why these phrases are so powerful
  • An easy-to-implement model that you can use to coach your reps on effective sales language

In addition, we’ll give you follow-up tools that will help your reps master these techniques.

We think you’ll find this Webinar to be full of practical ideas and insights that will have an immediate impact on your team’s sales conversations. Please join us.


Michael Boyette

Editorial Director

Michael is the Editorial Director for the Rapid Learning Institute, as well as the Top Sales Dog Blogger with thousands of monthly readers. Before joining the Rapid Learning Institute he was the Senior VP at Domus Inc., a Philadelphia advertising and interactive media agency. Boyette has written professional and consumer books for Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, Henry Holt and other publishers and was Group Publisher at a leading newsletter company, overseeing its sales and marketing titles. In addition, he’s managed marketing programs for such clients as Dupont, Lutron and Therma-Tru Doors. He is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism.

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