Creating a Talent Development Culture: How "Chunked" Learning Can Boost Performance

WHEN: Tuesday December 3, 2013 1:00 pm EST – 45 Minutes
SPEAKER: Steven Meyer, Rapid Learning Institute

Why are we giving you free admission to this webinar? By attending this webinar you’ll not only get some practical ideas on creating a talent development culture, you’ll also be given free trial access to the Compliance & Management Rapid Learning Center – an online training system to help busy leaders sharpen critical management skills. We hope you enjoy the webinar and your free trial.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Developing our people is THE key to long-term organizational success. But talent development is a huge challenge for most companies. Why? Because organizations who lack professional training departments have to rely on front-line managers to get it done. And organizations who have training professionals on staff have to rely on front-line managers to support talent development initiatives. In both cases, these managers often lack the time or skills needed to be effective in this role.

Most managers get promoted for their technical skills and are told to replicate in others the knowledge, skills and attitudes that made them successful. But many were never taught how to do it so, even when professionally planned development programs are available, talent development doesn’t happen as well as it should.

This presentation will introduce you to a concept that will reshape the way you and your organization’s managers think about employee training and talent development. You’ll learn:

  • Why much of the training you’re now doing – sending people to conferences, bringing in outside trainers – doesn’t stick, and why poor knowledge retention is costing you a fortune
  • Recent cognitive research on adult learning – notably how “chunking” (breaking learning content into small, manageable pieces) dramatically improves learning and knowledge retention
  • Why “chunking” isn’t just a game changer for learners. It’s also transformational for managers – helping them build a core competency as talent developers
  • How “interval reinforcement” increases training retention from 20% to 80%
  • Why including a Web-based component in training is essential for the emerging Millennial workforce
  • The concept of blended learning – e.g., combining Web-based tools with manager-led training – and why it’s superior to training that’s limited to a single medium

This presentation will include a demonstration of “chunked” training that you can access after the webinar to share with your team.

SPEAKER: Stephen Meyer is CEO and Director of Learning and Development at the Rapid Learning Institute. Prior to starting the Rapid Learning Institute and its parent company Business 21 in 2002, Steve was the Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. Prior to that he worked in the publishing industry, where he headed up both editorial and marketing for more than a dozen employee development publications. He was also a reporter at Advertising Age magazine. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has a Masters degree from the University of California, San Diego.

The Rapid Learning Institute is dedicated to helping managers become more effective trainers and talent developers. The problem we solve: Most managers aren’t professional trainers and are too busy to make talent development a priority. The RLI’s signature five- to 10-minute “rapid learning” modules, called Quick Takes, help leaders fulfill their training responsibilities by providing ready-to-use tool that let them to replicate the knowledge, skills and attitudes that made them successful, and get results through other people. Key content areas include: Sales, HR, Employment Law Compliance, Leadership and Safety.


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