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Positive Leadership: Why Most Managers Get it Wrong (and how to get it right)

Do you dream of the day when all of your employees are positive, productive, and engaged? While the days of command and control leadership are long gone, most managers still find it difficult to manage effectively while promoting a positive workplace culture. It’s easy to say you want to practice positive leadership – it’s a…

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Recorded Webinar | Leadership

10 Myths About Workplace Training That Can Sabotage Your Results

Modern employees want opportunities to learn and grow at work. And you know what your employees need to learn. But are you sure you know how your employees learn? A mix of myth and antiquated science causes us to believe a whole lot about learning that just isn’t true. Like… People have different learning styles. Not exactly. Learners are either…

Recorded Webinar | Leadership

The Top 5 Leadership Development Challenges – And How to Overcome Them

Here are the facts about leadership development: According to a nationwide survey, 92% of HR professionals said they want to do more to create a stronger culture of leadership development. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, a whopping 88% say they don’t give leadership training and development the attention it deserves. That means most organizations are relying on untrained or under-trained leaders…

Recorded Webinar | Leadership

The Future of Management Training: 3 Defining Trends & How You Can Deploy Them

Ask yourself one simple question: “Is my organization better off with trained or untrained managers and supervisors?” It’s a no brainer. Trained managers are far better at navigating leadership and employment law challenges than those who rely solely on gut feel or emotion. But there’s a problem. In most organizations formal leadership and management skills…

Recorded Webinar | Leadership

Brief is Beautiful: Bite-Size Content and the New E-Learning

It’s no secret that in the past we’ve seen a big gap between the high expectations we had about e-learning and the disappointing reality of what we actually got. To put it bluntly, most e-learning programs have seen very poor utilization and users simply don’t like them. The reason: A majority of current e-learning relies…

Recorded Webinar | Leadership

5 Communication Copouts That Derail Team Performance

Do you ever leave meetings with your team feeling frustrated? Thinking that communication problems are preventing you from getting things done? If you’re like 99.9% of us, you know the pain. Building strong team communication isn’t easy. You want differing opinions, but you don’t want tension between team members. You want honesty, but you don’t…