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A Blueprint for Deploying Micro-learning in Your Organization

Here’s the typical approach to training: You put all your people in a room for one, two, even three days. They listen to an instructor go through a binder full of information. Meanwhile, customer calls go to voicemail and opportunities get missed. And what do your people take away from all that expensive downtime? Almost…

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Coaching: How to Help Employees Bounce Back After Failure

Some people bounce back from mistakes – even big mistakes – with grit and resolve. Others feel crushed, lose confidence and stop doing the things that made them successful. They may even quit their job or change careers – with potentially devastating consequences for both the employee and your organization.   In this Quick Take,…

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5 Communication Copouts That Derail Team Performance

Do you ever leave meetings with your team feeling frustrated? Thinking that communication problems are preventing you from getting things done? If you’re like 99.9% of us, you know the pain. Building strong team communication isn’t easy. You want differing opinions, but you don’t want tension between team members. You want honesty, but you don’t…