Your Records Management Policy Should Stick To What You Really Need

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Retaining Too Much Will Make Your Records Management Policy Weaker

So let’s group these different types of records into categories of personnel records you should keep as part of your records management policy. And here are the five categories that personnel records can fall into. They are employee history, medical history, immigration forms, documents related to investigations, and miscellaneous.

The important thing to keep in mind with your records management policy is that personnel records should be things that you really need. You don’t want to litter your personnel files or your medical history files with a lot of different things that really aren’t important to recounting this employee’s history. Doing so will only clog up your retention strategy and render your records management policy meaningless.

I’ve kind of got a rule of two thumbs which is that if you can set your two thumbs down side by side and that’s the employees – and if the contents of an employee’s personnel file are thicker than the width of your thumbs put together, then that employee is probably not worth keeping around anymore. It’s a good practice to live by, that you don’t want your records management policy to turn these personnel files to become gigantic encyclopedias. They need to really contain essential information.

It’s very, very important as most of you will probably come across from time to time that the secret to effective FMLA practices is to make sure that you document. Document pretty much everything related to the FMLA leave, all the way from a certificate all the way from the medical certificate down to the hours and the number of days spent out on FMLA leave. That’s the only sure fire way to keep up with that particular obligation that you have.

Edited Remarks From “Personnel Document Retention: What to Keep, How to Keep & Why It Matters” By Matt Gilley

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