Written praise is long-lasting employee recognition

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Employee recognition comes in many forms

We want to drop things into their file. We want to give them little notes and show concrete employee recognition for hard work.

One of the things that many of my clients do is they will print up blank thank you cards. And they will give with the company logo and that type of thing on it, and they’ll give these out to supervisors and managers to use for employee recognition.

Categorize goals and rewards for written employee recognition

Now, as a manager/supervisor, I’ve got a series of these blank thank you cards or other little things or notepads or whatever it might be, and every time something great happens in my group with my team, one of the people, I can write a little note a couple of lines. Hey, thanks so much for staying late. We appreciated your work on this project. I know you gave it a super effort. Thank you for taking that work home and doing that. I know you didn’t have to.

Again, we want to give them the range of what they could write these for. Maybe you’ve given them the script of what they could write on the cards and then giving them the cards to hand out on a frequent basis when people do things they wanted done.

With employee recognition, recognize people publicly. We want to stand up and applaud them and as I said earlier, sometimes employees want their peers to recognize them.

Employee recognition on a public level

Well, maybe we could have a wall of honor along one of the walls. You know, this person is exceptional employee of the month, exceptional employee of the week. Maybe we’ve got parking spaces reserved for an employee of the month. Although, I think, on these things, you’ve got to be very careful because essentially it sets up a cash system of the haves and have nots. And employee recognition done wrong can send a message that some people are more valuable than others.

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