Workplace environment and employee recognition

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A great employee recognition program is simple and effective.

How do people feel on the job? This is a great little survey found in the New York Times. How people actually feel at work? Twenty-five percent are driven to tears by stress. Does a stressful workplace lack positive employee recognition?

You bet it does. Fifty percent said it was a place of verbal abuse and yelling. Half the people surveyed said they were getting yelled at work. Thirty percent, unrealistic deadlines fifty-two percent, twelve-hour days. The last one was particularly interesting. You have got bigger issues when that one shows up.

We find these toxic managers in the workplace environment. When we get HR complaints, we send them off to be rehabilitated and learn positive employee recognition techniques. They come back, and in survey after survey employees say, my manager went to this retreat and he came back and he was completely rehabilitated and he was awesome for like three days. It lasts about three days.

People leave managers not organizations
Research from all of the Gallup surveys and so on says people don’t leave their organizations; they leave their managers. They leave their managers and supervisors. You know, nobody quits Johnson & Johnson, they have got great reputations but they will quit Mac, Sue or Bob because they make you feel worthless. Again, that the engagement piece of positive goal oriented employee recognition and how do you communicate it? Why do people leave their managers? Obviously, it is lack of appreciation and isn’t that fascinating? This is from a Society of Human Resources survey. Now, when you ask them why they are leaving, they are all going to say that I left for more money, right?

That is politically correct. What is the average percentage increase in salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that people actually leave their jobs for? Three to five percent. Three to five percent is nothing. Right? But they say money because that is politically correct. Again, if they showed up, pay was good enough. What was their employee recognition strategy? What happens when you follow toxic managers?

Well, you have a lot of turnover. Again, why do people stay with managers? Employee recognition and praise. High correlators with people that stay on the job. Retention, productivity, satisfaction, and again, referring to that reward of excellence, profits. And it is pretty clear that this isn’t brain surgery.

Basically, a great employee recognition program consists of the things that your mother told you like remember to say thank you, right? By the way, 67% of adults surveyed say that their mothers could probably run their businesses better than their bosses. Well, duh? I mean, who’s Mom couldn’t?

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