Two Common Objections to an employee recognition program

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Objections and responses to a tricky situation

Why is the manager is not compelled to use the employee recognition program. I’ve listed here some common objections along with how you can respond to each objection. Practice this with a peer before going in to a tricky situation as it needs to sound more natural versus sort of reading off a script of course.

Overcoming resistance to employee recognition
Here are two major considerations managers will bring up about the effectiveness or lack thereof, in employee recognition programs.

  1. I’m afraid I’ll leave someone out.
  2. At Oxygen, I have 55 people working for me. I kept a spreadsheet for all my employees and on it, I’ve made notes on when I recognize each employee and why. That way, I always knew where I stood with each employee.

    I mentioned also that I did that for the CEO for the whole company. We had 260 employees and it is surprisingly easier than you think. So, when you – if that’s what you hear from a manager, bring along a printout of the manager’s employees and suggest to him or her that you can do this as an option.

  3. Workers don’t value employee recognition programs
  4. Finally, you may hear from the manager that employees don’t value appreciation. Look, if that’s true, perhaps it is, and your manager actually had or has an employee who doesn’t appreciate appreciation, move on. Don’t spoil it for everyone else because of one bad apple.

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