Trust Management to Deal With Employee Compensation

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Managers Know How to Make the right call in employee compensation

Failure to train and trust your managers is a critical mistake. Essentially, HR doesn’t sit in an Ivory Tower and dictate specific employee compensation arrangements for an individual. You are going to have to trust your managers on this.

Managers are in a better position to say how dollars should be spent. Your job, in my opinion, is to actually manage everything by budgets if you can so that the budgets are not exceeded but give your manager the right tools, the right information to let them make the calls they have to make in the employee compensation area.

And managers always need training and it always seems like we point to managers as being a real weakness in this whole link of not only administering employee compensation but maybe other HR programs as well.

And at least a third of the employees don’t think their managers are very strong. So good managers actually do things a little bit differently. And if they can’t do some of these things, we need to probably move them out of the management or they need to find another job. And we need to get managers who will do some of these things.

Edited Remarks from “The Seven Deadly Sins of Employee Compensation Plans (and How to Fix Them)” by Rick Olivieri

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