The top ten employee rewards and motivators

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Employee recognition and rewards reinforce your goals and objectives

The motivators that every HR pro need to know. These are the goals that make employees come to work every day. Remember, each different employee has his or her own personal motivator. Not every employee award will work for all.

To motivate employees in difficult times, managers need to know what floats their boats. Personalized employee rewards have a higher impact and will produce more of the positive behaviors that you want from your employees.

Here are the Top 10 employee motivators:

  1. Appreciation-People need to feel appreciated – especially by their manager. (That’s why employee recognition should go through the manager.)
  2. Being ‘in the know’-Even if employees can’t affect company plans, they feel empowered when they have a full picture of what these plans are.
  3. Understanding in crisis-Life happens. Managers need to work with loyal employees when problems crop up at home.
  4. Job security-OK, no job is 100% secure. But employees need to know managers will do all they can to secure their jobs, as long as they perform.
  5. Fair compensation-Note how far down the list this one is. But it’s still important.
  6. Engaging work-Give top performers a chance to do additional, interesting tasks.
  7. Growth opportunities-Ditto the above.
  8. Loyalty-Employees respond for leaders who “have their back.”
  9. Tactful discipline-Managers who can’t give negative feedback without humiliating the person need training.
  10. A fun environment-People try harder when they like where they work.
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