Three Managerial Techniques That Can Cut Office Rumors and Change A Work Environment

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Office rumors are fueled by ill communication

  1. Have a meeting or evaluation with each employee once every seven days
    Some of the best companies have weekly meetings with their employees—every seven days. Performance reviews, talks, giving praise, seven days a week. Employees love this, because it keeps them on the same page as their managers and allows good employees to be told they are doing exceptionally well. Many employees do better when they know they have achieved something, and are appreciated by the company they work for.
  2. Make sure the employees know how their company is evolving
    Conduct weekly or daily meetings. Employees should know where the company is going and how it is changing, since they are a part of that company. Each employee should know they are a part of something larger than their sector of work, and where how their accomplishments are accumulating to create a larger goal. This cuts on office rumors, because the employees know for sure why the things around them may seem to be changing and do not need to fill uncertainty in with gossip and negativity.
  3. Ask your employees for a commitment, not an attempt
    Eliminate the use of the phrase, “I’ll try” or “I’ll give it my best.” Back a commitment up with deadlines. Managers do not need to know that an employee will try or give something his or her best as much as he or she needs results. Ask the employee—give the employee some say in his or her deadline—is the deadline reasonable? Is what I’m asking of you reasonable? This is key, for as long as the employee agrees to what is expected of him or her, there is little room for office gossip or negativity based on high expectations or miscommunication. If there is a disconnect between the manager and his or her employees, an individual will fill that void with gossip, office rumors, and general negativity. The more clear a manager can be, the more those gaps will be filled.

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