Three Clues That Office Gossip Costs More Than You Think

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Is the office gossip worth the commotion they cause

What if you ask an employee, time and time again, to quit their office gossip? What if the employee claims, “I’ll try. I’ll try. I’ll give it my best.” Then, what if the office gossip does not stop?

Even if their performance meets standard, their behavior could be detrimental to the team. Great teams tend to outperform great individual players. If you have someone who doesn’t play well with others, whose office gossip spoils the team in general, it may be necessary to discontinue their employment.

Build the necessary documentation while attempting to salvage the employee.
If the documentation proves time and time again that the employee is not acting accountable for the problems, perhaps salvaging the employee is impossible.How do you know when enough is enough? If you ignore a weed, it takes over the garden. It takes over the yard.

Here are some clues to take into account:

  1. You talk to employee about office gossip and they deny it.
    Nobody is going to work toward a solution to a problem they don’t acknowledge.
  2. Refusal to act.
    Some people are smart enough not to deny their involvement in office gossip to your face. They say they will work on it. They work on it for six weeks, and then they begin again. This can happen in cycles forever.
  3. An unproductive work pattern. T
    he employee is nice to you to your face, but spreads negative influence and is bad-mouthing you and the company. Trustworthy employees may tell you about the office gossip and the negativity it is spreading in the workplace.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar Gossip, Gab, and the Grapevine: How to Neutralize Its Negative Impact by Hunter Lott

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