These employee rewards don't cost much but have great meaning

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Employee recognition and awards don’t have to break the bank. The little things mean a lot.

Some companies go to expensive lengths with their employee rewards to laud their workers, giving them things like company cell phones and two-week trips to Italy. But managers needn’t break the bank to give workers a well-earned employee reward.

Affordable Employee Rewards Are In Your Reach

Here are some inexpensive incentives for deserving individual workers:

  • Buy them a lotto ticket. The person may win more than your recognition!
  • Give a gift certificate for a movie rental.
  • Shake the worker’s hand in front of everyone and thank her for a good job.
  • Give the person that coveted parking spot for a day or a week
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  • Give a coffee mug – a classy one!
  • Get the worker’s coffee for him in the morning.
  • Let the worker arrive late on the day of his choice.

And here are some modestly priced ideas that work for groups or teams as employee rewards for performance or just to say thanks for your hard work:

  • Give achievement certificates to those who reach their goals.
  • Have a potluck to celebrate a group accomplishment.
  • Let everyone leave early on a Friday afternoon.
  • Publish an article in your newsletter (if you have one) thanking the team.

Remember, life is in the details. The small but meaningful employee awards are remembered and paid back.


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