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Feedback and one to one time with their direct manager as an employee reward

When I ask most groups that I’d facilitate and do management training for, there’s about 15 people in the room or I’ve got 100 people in the room. Less than 10 to 15% of the people will raise their hand when I ask, how many people do a regular structured one to one interview with every one of their direct reports on a monthly basis. Less than 10 or 15%.

There is not a better business best practice on earth than doing a one to one, as a manager/supervisor, with every one of your direct reports on a monthly basis. Not one.

Every major management speaker you’ll hear will always stress the importance of doing this. Every major business book that’s come out in the last decade will recognize the importance of spending this one to one time in coaching and development.

So, if it’s such a well-acknowledged business best practice, why don’t all of us do this with our people? Why don’t we reward with this

Now, I’m sure most of you are just mentally the word that’s slashing into the top of your brain is, time.

Why don’t managers use the most valued employee reward
Okay. That’s what I usually reason, too. Now, you’ve all had, I’m sure, the classic time management classes and they always say, it’s never a function a time. It’s always an issue of — if you guessed priorities, you’re right.

So, let’s change the question.

If it’s such an important business best practice to spend this time, coach, give feedback, why don’t we think it’s important enough to make a priority? Why don’t we see time as a valued employee reward?

And there’s one basic fundamental reason. I’m going to contend that most managers, supervisors and even executives at the highest level don’t do this because it’s contentious. It’s conflict. It’s messy. It’s emotional. And they don’t want anything to do with it.

So, here’s my suggestion around this piece and it is a very important part of employee reward and recognition. You have to provide lots of time for one to one. Your employees crave this employee reward and they expect good feedback.

The once a month face to face as an employee reward
Number one, with everyone of your direct reports, you should be having a 20-minute dialogue. A face-to-face, once a month.

In that 20-minute dialogue, you’re going to take, what I call, a success factor snapshot. But essentially, it’s a one or two page document that describes the metrics, the standards, the benchmarks, the objectives, the quantifiable time, the deliverables that are required from the role. It’s a contract between you and that person who works for you.

How to add major value to this employee reward
You’re going to lay it on their desk between you and then you’re going to have a five by five discussion in the 20 minutes.

Five by five. The first five things are, what are the five great things that you’re able to accomplish on this since the last time we met?

Now, in the one to one, this coaching session, we are actually forcing non-monetary rewards and recognition. We are forcing the manager/supervisor to give praise, to recognize things that were well done, to pat that person on the back, because they may not do it naturally. So, we’re going to do it as a five by five structure.

And then the next piece is, what are the five key things we need to focus on between now and the next time we get together? This aligns performance management. It aligns coaching. It brings into play the time that employees want to air their issues and concerns and it gives you an opportunity to provide non-monetary rewards and recognition in a structured, logical, rational way.

So, they’re very powerful tool for employee reward and employees, again, desperately want this as part of an overall program.

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