The Performance Evaluation from HR's View

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Communicate the message from the performance evaluation positively

The HR person has a much more active role in the performance evaluation. They should probably not to be in the room when the employee is told all of these things in their performance evaluation. But we want you to be in the room when they develop the exact message, sign off on the exact message and be the clean up crew afterward to ensure that this is being done.

Some managers, when they first hear about this, they think, “Well gee, you know, that’s making me sound weak. I can’t get the message across myself without HR help.” And we’re telling them this is nothing personal. It’s just when you tell somebody in a performance evaluation that their job is on the line, they wig out, oftentimes. They don’t always, they sometimes do. And when they do, we owe to them to make sure they’re okay.

You want to maximize the chances that the employee gets the message from the performance evaluation positively. The HR person should function as the campaign adviser to this person to help them. Sometimes, that involves negotiating for their release. They’re saying, “I don’t want to make this happen here. I don’t think I’m ever going to get to where I need to be. Can you help me get a severance that’s reasonable?” And you negotiate for them to leave.

Or, you can negotiate for them to move to another part of the organization. Otherwise you can help them come up with specific things they need to do to please this specific boss.

You can do that internally or externally, if it’s one of your very top people, kind of at the level parallel to or above the VP of HR, then you might consider getting an outsider to do it, because it’s embarrassing for a Vice President to have their HR person personally know all of this stuff.

In some cases, you can pull it off. But in other cases, you’d be better off doing it elsewhere. So, you can do that kind of work yourself or you can get somebody else to do it for you.

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