The payoffs from an employee recognition program

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Carrots as well as sticks to motivate workers in an employee recognition program

Higher retention, sustained productivity, committed employees to your cause are the payoffs from an employee recognition program. This is the most powerful way you’ve got to get what you value most. If you’re not using an employee recognition program to really drive home what it is you need and you want and your expectations are, you’re making a big mistake. And of course, profits. You get highly engaged, motivated employees, trust me, it will impact your bottom line, every time.

Make sure you’re rewarding excellence in your employee recognition program. That impacts things probably more than anything. More and more companies are saying we want to be known as a high performing organization, right down to our cleaning services. How do you do it, Frequent, specific and timely rewards. Find out what it is you want to reward, the behaviors you’re trying to encourage. Do it often. Specificity, make sure you’re rewarding the right behaviors. Make it timely. Don’t put it off.

Do it now. Don’t wait once a quarter. My biggest pet peeve, annual banquets. Ah, Catch everybody at the end of the year. No, no, no. If you want to review everybody at the end of the year, and reward people again, be my guest.

Praise effort and reward results in an employee recognition program.

How are they linked. You don’t get the big rewards or the big results without praising efforts along the way.

Whether it’s the diamond engagement ring, the stars and stripes on our flag, the Academy award, or the Super Bowl, those are symbols of excellence. Make sure you leverage them. Where you really get the emotional engagement? In the memories that last years and years and years, is that presentation. Make sure you do that right.

I find as we visit these different organizations and companies, the managers that do an employee recognition program right have a lot of fun. The good managers in your organization where people want to be a part of their team, right? If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. And if you’re doing it right and you’re having a lot of fun, trust me, you’re going to realize all those wonderful benefits of engagement like lowering your turnover and increasing customer service and all those things that we value.

People who use a lot of recognition, just tend to have better lives in general. People that pull other people into the spotlight tend to enjoy their careers and enjoy their lives. I would hope that for all of you that have listened in for a little bit. So, have fun with the carrot, have fun with an employee recognition program.

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  1. May 12, 2009 - 3:02 pm

    I’ve now commented on a few of your articles and couldn’t agree more with your philosophy. One of our five key tenets of strategic employee recognition is frequent and timely recognition. The annual shout-out does no good, especially if your overall goal is to change or reinforce behaviors.

    More on the topic of strategic recognition is an effective form of performance management here:

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