The employee reward plans that work best for wellness programs

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No one employee reward plan work best. See what works for your company.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what employee reward plans work best when doing wellness programs. Here some of the most popular rewards for wellness, courtesy of a survey of workers conducted by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).
Also listed in the article are some of the ways companies have successfully implemented their employee incentive plans for wellness

Cash is very popular. 56% of companies use this a reward.
Bonuses. One company we know gave workers bonuses once they met their weight goals. Another company gives workers $7 a month for participating in the company’s wellness program, as long as they met predetermined weight goals.
By the dollar. You could go simpler, and just give them a few cents to a few dollars for each pound lost. For instance, $20 for 20 pounds.

Formal awards ceremonies have become popular as well. This return to formality gives great public recognition
Certificates for tournaments. Winners receive awards at formal ceremonies after winning fitness tournaments. Volleyball or softball tournaments become ways for people to get in shape and socialize.

Gifts (22%)
Points. You could give workers points redeemable for prizes such as T.V.’s, gift cards (i.e. iTunes) or a session with a fitness trainer.
Prizes. You could dole out prizes for various contests. Examples: One company had a healthy eating recipe contest. The winner got a prize and everyone got a cookbook containing all the recipes. Another company which held a walk-a-thon, gave all the participants T-shirts.
Screenings. You could partner with a local medical clinic to do free health screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, flu shots, etc.).
Healthy lunches. Those who meet their goals could grab lunch with the boss at a healthy restaurant.

What works for one company may not work for yours. Survey your own workers to see what health incentives they would like the most and center your employee reward plan and wellness program around what your workers want.

Source: The Wellness Council

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