The top ten motivators behind effective employee recognition tactics

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The constant themes in employee recognition have been the same for a long time

It is really important to spend a bit of time on this. There have been a lot of studies done on this about what tactics work in employee recognition.

And interestingly, the top ten themes in employee recognition really have been pretty consistent throughout the years even if the order changes within the top ten.

  1. First and foremost-appreciation.
  2. Employees like to be appreciated. Small ways, big ways, employees want appreciation and employee recognition.

  3. Being in the know.
  4. Feeling like you understand the big picture for the company, not just their small microcosm. By bringing employees into the fold, it becomes their company not merely a company where they work in accounting or HR or marketing.

  5. Life happens on the way to the best of jobs.
  6. Having an employer who understands that and works with the employees goes a long way in securing an employee for a longer tenure.

  7. Job security
  8. Not surprisingly and certainly not in these times for sure. In fact, to be honest, I’m guessing if we did this survey today, this would probably rank a little higher with everything going on at the moment.

  9. Salary
  10. just as not as high as you might think.

  11. Interesting and engaging work,
  12. perhaps part of your employee recognition program and strategy is to reward employees with continually more engaging work. Employees want interesting and engaging work. You know what?

  13. Growth opportunities,
  14. Taking on more challenging things. Even if it doesn’t necessarily equate to a different job, it’s leading a team, it’s being in charge of a project — that’s all growth opportunity. That’s really important to motivating employees.

  15. Loyalty
  16. It can be a challenge for employers but as a boss, you should strive for loyalty to your employees to the best of your ability.

  17. Learn how to deliver negative feedbacks
  18. So that it results in the employee having goals for improvement. That is definitely, most definitely one of the top ten employers’ motivator.

  19. Fine environment
  20. If you like where you work, you’re more likely to stay longer and you’re actually more likely to do better work.

It is really important to keep these motivators in mind as you go to develop your employee recognition program.

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