Support employees faced with "job threatening" performance evaluations

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HR can help employees after performance evaluations

And the last, we’ve got a “job threatening” situation. If somebody has been told even one thing they’re doing, it’s putting them at risk.

Ideas for the meetings about “job threatening” performance evaluations
If you talk to somebody in performance evaluations and you give them a “job threatening” message, there’s a whole ritual here about needing two people in the room. When you write somebody up and it’s potentially going to lead a loss of job, then you got to have an HR person present in the room.

But if you control that script that the manager is going to present to them during the performance evaluations and you know what they’re going to say and you’ve approved that and they stick to the reservation which any smart manager would do, HR doesn’t have to be in the room.

Go ahead and have your lawyer look at it if you want to be extra cautious. But be a follow-up coach. Help that person first fill out the form as good as possible. Sign off on it. Make sure they’re okay. Help them get buy-in from their boss that says what they need to say from this person.

And then when they’re done with that conversation, you go in afterwards and you ask the person who was just told their job’s on the line what they heard, where they’re at and how you can help them.

What to expect from the employee
At first, they’re a little shocked. You should tell people in training that if you are told during performance evaluations that your job’s on the line, HR will follow-up and have somebody else talk to you to make sure that you get the message in a very clean fashion, that you don’t distort it or you don’t somehow, you know, take the performance evaluations too deep or take it too shallow. We want you to get it the way it’s intended so you really understand what you’re up against. And it’s a really heady, active role, very substantial contribution for HR instead of being a process policeman like they were in the previous performance evaluation. It maximizes the employee’s chance of dealing with this very difficult news. And it puts you in a position to function as a campaign adviser to somebody.

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