Starting the performance appraisal system: The yellow meeting

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The process is vital in an employee performance appraisal system

Give the employees a week’s notice and tell them why they are going to have a performance appraisal meeting

Block-out an hour but tell them 45 minutes. Par for this course is 45 minutes in this meeting. You can go to an hour and I don’t have a problem with that. Go in an hour and a half, I got a problem with that.

Be generous but ration time
Because if you start stretching this, somebody is going to take it to the wall, okay. Somebody is going to come in and their favorite topic is themselves. And they don’t ever get to talk about this stuff and by golly, they’re all revved up and you’re going to feel guilty for not letting them talk about themselves and the next thing you know you’ve blown four hours, The problem with that is two people times four hours when you could have done it for 45 minutes. That’s a real issue

Be balanced
Remember its like kids at Christmas or Hanukkah. They kind of measure their gifts against each other to see if you love them equally. In this process, your time and attention is really precious. You’re giving that your employees and you want to do it on a budget for the business.

You got to teach them the whole process and meaning behind the performance appraisal system used in Catalytic Coaching. Before you go to the first meeting, the employee needs to know what the third meeting looks like and the fourth meeting looks like, et cetera. Otherwise, they won’t stick their neck out. They don’t know where you’re going with this, on the first step, they won’t do it.

The employee writes up this review with the manager, okay. They bring in two copies, one for the manager, and one for them. They bring it in, they got two size of one piece of paper, they sit down and we do something really unusual in the context of the employer-employee relationship. The manager listens, ask questions and take notes.

Okay now, if I had a stop watch and I was sitting in that session, here’s exactly what I want to be, real clear, I want – if I’m measuring lip movement, I want 90% of the lip movement to come from the employee and 10% of lip movement come from the boss. And the 10% of the boss ought to be questions, okay, clarifying questions.

What I don’t want is the boss to do thumbs up, thumbs down on everything the employee says. I want the boss to figure out what planet is this employee coming from, okay? There may not be a lot of option on their planet but what you want to find out is how much oxygen they actually have, maybe more than you give them credit for.

Meet in private and with no distractions
Do this some place where you can close the door, have it private. You do not want to do this in a public place, okay? This is a private conversation. Turn off your cell phone. Look at the employee and tell him to do the same. What do you tell them when you do this? Well, I think you’re telling them that – to have your full and undivided attention. You care about them, and you care about their career.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar “No More Performance Reviews! – A Revolutionary Approach to Performance Feedback” by Gary Markle

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