Six small employee awards that make big impressions

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Employee recognition awards says to the company that you value that person

The fame a worker feels at being publicly lauded and receiving an employee award for his accomplishments can quickly fizzle out. So how can managers and HR people use employee awards to create lasting impressions?

Try this: Give employees informal, personalized employee awards that say you value their worth. .Make sure you get to know the worker so you’ll remember his likes and dislikes and what motivates him.

Little carrots: The impact of small personalized employee awards far outweighs their cost

Here are six everyday, low cost ideas for what you can give workers:

  1. Letter of praise.
  2. Write a letter to the worker’s spouse thanking them for the employee’s efforts and their hard work. Mention how they have achieved an goal or have superior performance..

  3. Dirty work.
  4. Do the worker’s least favorite task for her.

  5. Cup of coffee.
  6. Make coffee in the morning and hand-deliver a steaming cup to the worker.

  7. Half-day off to spend with the kids.
  8. Surprise a busy mom or dad with a half-day off.

  9. Friday movie.
  10. On a Friday, give tickets to his/her favorite movie.

  11. Good ole ‘thank you.’
  12. Do this frequently and you’ll remind workers how much they’re worth and reinforce the right behaviors.

Source: Rapid Learning Institute webinar, “Employee Recognition Programs: The Seven Keys to Boosting Morale,” by Chester Elton.

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