Retain younger workers with employee rewards that hit home

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Knowing what makes younger workers tick will give your employee rewards a better impact

You wouldn’t give your dog catnip for doing an exceptionally good trick. He’ll probably be a lot less enthusiastic about doing the trick again. Similarly, young employees may head for greener pastures if they don’t feel their managers gave them the employee rewards they deserve. The trick is knowing what makes younger employees tick and tailoring employee rewards and recognition towards their interests.

What They Want: Younger employees values different employee rewards than older workers

Here are recognition and reward techniques for managers that hit home with younger workers:
Make rewards prompt.
With iPods, cellphones and the Internet at their fingertips, younger employees are used to instant gratification. They’ll expect faster praise or rewards compared to older generations. Lesson: Don’t separate rewards from the behavior you want to reinforce. That’s the drawback to annual bonuses.
Better: Hand them a gift card for dinner out, give out smaller “spot” cash bonuses or give them an afternoon off.
Make it public.
Overprotective parents have lavished attention on their children. So anything attention-grabbing will please young workers.
Action step: Managers could announce in front of their peers or customers that they are exceptional, e.g. for never missing a day.
Keep it personal.
Young people often feel people don’t understand them. Action step: Find out what each young worker likes and use that as a reward.
Example: The latest CD (or MP3).

Source: “Getting Them to Give a Damn” by Eric Chester, Dearborn Trade Publishing, ISBN: 1-4195-0458-4.

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