Reduce that pile of resumes without getting an EEOC complaint

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You need to reduce your mountainous pile of resumes, but you need to do so while complying with EEOC requirements. So what do you do?

The key is to call only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements and document your reasons for doing so.

Decide how many resumes out of the total you plan to review. Say you have 100 resumes. You could plan to peruse only the first 50. Then document that you got swamped with resumes and had to stop at the first 50.

Next, reduce your pile of resumes further according to whether each person meets the minimum requirements of the job. For instance, you could separate the resumes into piles of “meets,” “almost meets,” and “doesn’t meet” minimum requirements.

When you skip resumes
If you have enough candidates that meet the minimums, you can ignore the other resumes. But remember to document that you had enough candidates who met minimums to skip over the other applicants.

Stick to non-discriminatory reasons (the minimum requirements for the job) for your choices and you’re EEOC-free.

Based on Jodi Plavner’s teleconference: Hiring without Fear: 7 Keys to Lawsuit-Free Recruiting, 3/8/06.

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