Reluctant participation in a formal employee recognition program

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Everyone likes to be recognized for a good job

One of the reasons so few people are reluctant to participate in employee recognition programs, what I call, the non-believers. They just don’t think it’s necessary to recognize employees. People should come to work. They should work hard while they’re here and we shouldn’t have to pat them on the back or reward them and they should understand that that’s what they have to do.

And I’m going to suggest that’s just a simplistic view of human behavior. Everybody wants to work to a standing ovation, even the most independent people. And we’ve got to find ways of tapping into that to keep them excited, turned on, passionate and engaged thru employee recognition programs.

Use employee recognition programs to reinforce your values
Let’s say, we want as a value in our culture to have people go above and beyond the call of duty to help their teammates. When their teammates are behind on projects, when they’re struggling, we want people to really try to look around themselves and go above and beyond the call of duty to help other people.

However, why is it in so many organizations that when a new person comes on to the team, everybody else tries to sabotage them and see how quickly they can fail?

Why does this go on? Why do managers allow this to take place? I know they’re not blind to it. And I’m going to suggest the main reason is because we don’t have a set of employee recognition programs in place that reward and recognize people when they do the things we want them to do.

Values and culture are supported by employee rewards
How many of you have your 5, 6, 10 important values that are critical to the success of the organization hanging in your lobby? Printed on business cards, laminated somewhere and everybody knows what they are and what they exhibit those behaviors. They exhibit those values. They do the things you want exhibited in your culture. They know what they’re going to get as a result of it in terms of employee recognition or rewards or awards that are non-monetary.

It’s common sense that people want to be recognized. They want to be patted on the back.

If you have kids, if you coach sports team, you know this instinctively. Why don’t we do it in the business environment then?

It’s common sense to be able to do these things and tell people as simply as, I appreciated the fact that you stayed an extra three hours today and help me get this project done.

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