Privacy in business records management

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Business records management is a core issue for today’s HR manager

When you hear of the terms privacy and data security in regards to business records management, sometimes they seemed interchangeable. The way I think of it is the privacy laws cover all aspects of personal information from collecting the data to using it, to disclosing it and then protecting it. The main concern here in the US has been the protection of data, the data security element.

As you know, data security is not just an IT issue. It’s not just a matter of having the latest and greatest technology in hardware and software. It’s really fundamentally a people issue. Business records management is a HR issue

HR plays a key role in protecting the organization’s data. Both the personnel data that HR maintains, which is really a goldmine for personal information, and all data that is maintained by the company, through appropriate policies and training of employees.

Generally, in the US, the data security laws do not distinguish between employee data and data about other people, like customers. And so, a lot of the examples and the case studies we’re going through are about costumer data but they apply equally to employee data.

The three key goals of business records management
The first one is to provide a solid working knowledge, the key legal issues related to data security here in the US.

The second goal is to provide some practical strategies for avoiding problems. And we’ll look at some case studies of companies that unfortunately, did have problems and what we can learn from that.

And the third goal is to provide an immediate action plan if something goes wrong so that you understand that process and what to do if somebody does come in your office and say, “Oh my Gosh, we’ve lost the laptop” or, “Oh my Gosh, I think we’ve have a security breach.”

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar: “Identity Theft: What HR Can Do To Protect Sensitive Employee Data” by Christine E. Lyon, Esq.

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