Managers and the employee rewards and recognition program

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The essential element to a successful employee rewards program is front line managers

The greatest point of leverage most companies have in greater productivity in their organization is their first line of supervision and management, which is supervising the bulk of the employees.

Lack of management training
We don’t really train our managers and supervisors how to give praise, how to recognize people, how distribute employee rewards. Think about for a minute, how do most people become supervisors and managers? They get their start because they are good technician. One day you’re a technician doing the work, you’re a good accountant, you’re a good salesperson, you’re a good engineer and the next day, you’re promoted to oversee those people.

How much time and resources do you all devote to taking first line, first level supervisors and managers and coaching them and teaching them and developing them to be extraordinary with their people? Teaching them how to do the kind of things to increase retention, how to coach, how to develop, how to provide employee rewards and recognition, how to praise people. In most cases, the answer to that is zero.

In many cases, and it’s been documented in study after study, most people are extremely dissatisfied with their immediate supervisor. Not because they’re necessarily bad or dysfunctional. Yeah, there’s that group of people. But the reality is, they just think they’re terrible as a supervisor.

They don’t know how to coach. They don’t know how to manage. They don’t give praise. They don’t recognize. Sometimes they get kicked, the supervisor comes to work and is having a bad day and they kick them around like their cat at home.

Direct relationships
The number one element of employee satisfaction is the direct relationship they have between themselves and their immediate supervisor.

And if their immediate supervisor isn’t patting them on the back, isn’t praising them when they do things right, isn’t giving them good coaching and direction and rewarding and recognizing when they deliver performance, then those people won’t put up with it and they’ll leave.

And what you end up with is an average, mediocre, minimally qualified workforce

So, one of the things we’ve got to do if we really want to get tremendous leverage, is we’ve got to start teaching our managers and supervisors, middle managers, first line supervisors, how to be great at employee rewards and recognition.

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