Management buy in and training for employee reward programs

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Manage commitment to ensure effectiveness in employee reward program

In some case, you will have to manage senior leadership commitment to employee reward program. Different methods and styles for the employee reward program will work depending on the management culture of your company

Project Champion
In some cases it will be up to you to tell the CEO who they should recognize and why they deserve employee rewards. Same for who was included in our monthly newsletter that went out. This is 100% manage the recognition from the top. And that’s okay. It’s definitely okay because in order for the program to be successful, you really need to spread the wealth so to speak in terms of praise.

Some keep a spreadsheet of employee rewards with all employees and when the last day that they had been recognized by the CEO.

Monitor and evaluate the project champion
Meanwhile though, the team champion, person spearheading this team, you’ll need to monitor and ensure that departments make use of the employee reward for goals set by the program and no other reason. Again, it’s sort of avoiding that favorite sort of situation.

Make the employee reward program a part of the manager’s evaluation. We had a living, breathing evaluation form. And we added a section listed recognition and mentoring. It was a pretty powerful addition to our evaluation form and really showed that this employee reward program was here to stay and you needed to take it seriously if you weren’t.

I suggest that you can do informal events such a pizza lunch or a formal gathering such as a town hall or an all employee meeting. Really kind of depends upon the culture of your company.

Lastly, meanwhile, you know, what I’ve stressed before, no long drawn out events where everyone’s name is mentioned. Skip that as it’s not effective. Make the employee reward program fun.

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