Learning and development opportunities as an employee reward

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Staff recognition for performance through employee training has multiple benefits

Learning and development is an extremely powerful employee reward and recognition tool. I guess it has a little bit of a cost, but the result and outcome is tremendous.

How many of you, for example, have an educational reimbursement policy? Now, let’s take it one step further. How many of you formally sit down with every employee in the company? How many managers do this with their employees? Once a year, twice a year? And map out personal learning plans.

Here’s the courses, the workshops, the symposiums, the skills, the knowledge you have to be able to gain and the specific places to go to get it, so that you can see to help our company succeed as it evolves and changes in the future.

Make learning an employee reward
Employees desperately want to get better at what they’re doing and you can make this an employee reward.

Yet in most companies, we just kind of leave it up to them to figure out, this is the role of the boss. This is the role of the manager, the supervisor to help guide them in that direction.

How much of your sales dollars do you spend on bringing in outside resources, developing trainers in your own organization, providing things as simple as lunch and learns? Hey, let’s our get together in the manufacturing department, we’ll take a little break after our shift for 45 minutes and grab some dinner or a pizza and we’ll bring in someone to talk about teamwork.

Now, sales groups do a lot of this kind of thing, but other functional departments rarely do any of it. I think that’s one of the reasons other than how much sales people make.

One of the reasons that many employees are frustrate with what they see going on in sales department is, these folks are learning, developing, growing, sharing best practices and ideas all the time, but yet we don’t take that and apply it in other places in our business.

Make development an employee reward and reap the benefits.

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