Job Performance Evaluations Help No One

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Job Performance Evaluations Waste Time and Don’t Solve Problems

People have a lot of complaints about job performance evaluations. Some are saying, well, it takes too much bloody time. Job performance evaluations suck up all this time. That wouldn’t be so bad if anything happened when you are done doing them.

The biggest problem is, managers do job performance evaluations and at the end of it, the person goes back to work. They’re doing the same bloody thing they were doing before. Nothing really changes. All that time is wasted.

Now, here’s one that comes from the employee. They’ll say things like, “Well, I don’t like it because I can have a really good year and get a really lousy increase. That stinks.”

It doesn’t motivate employees so managers feel like they do this, and employees head to the bar and drink until they don’t hate them. That’s not the result you’re looking for.

HR chimes in and says there’s a tendency for understating problems. We look at it and say, “If you would just tell the truth a little earlier we wouldn’t be having so many problems.”

There’s a perception that nobody cares. If you’re down there, working really hard and nobody says anything about it, it’s discouraging. There’s no positive conversation or consequences that occurs because of all your extra work, there’s a tendency to just say, “Why am I killing myself here?”

Dr. Deming had something to say about this. “If your system does more harm than good, just stop doing it. That alone will be an improvement. Don’t do them.” Nothing is better than something bad. But on the other end, something good is better than nothing.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar “No More Performance Reviews! – A Revolutionary Approach to Performance Feedback” by Gary Markle

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