Inexpensive employee recognition tactics

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Cost effective and high impact techniques to use in your employee recognition program

Low cost employee recognition awards
That’s a great one. Write a letter to the employee’s family thanking them for the sacrifices and the time they took. Easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of time and a great employee recognition technique.

The cost is maybe five minutes and a stamp. Remember special days. The birth of their first child or your work anniversary, things like that. There’s a company in New Jersey where the president and CEO and the senior executives come down they wash the employees’ cars.

One of my favorite employee recognition awards is the handwritten thank you note. E-mails and stuff are great and you can get animated e-mails and they’re a lot of fun, but the idea of just taking the time for a little handwritten note. People treasure them. I’ve spoken at conferences where people have talked about handwritten notes that they’ve received seven years ago that they still have and when they get down they re-read them. Well, hopefully you’re getting one more than every seven years.

Good managers take the time. Spend five minutes a day to write a few thank-you notes. They are the little things in employee recognition that you can do that great managers incorporate into their daily routine.

The right level of employee recognition
The other question is as it gets time to reward people, how do I know what is the right level of employee recognition? This is a very common question; you think it would be fairly simple. I ask people, well, how would you find out? How would you find out what your people value? Clearly, you would ask them.

Bledsoes up in Massachusetts actually developed a little survey. They ask their employees how do you want to be recognized, in public or private? Do you want tangible items? Do you want to be in the newsletter and on and on? But one question in the survey was very well liked, if you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do? I think that would give you nice insight into what people value.

Managers that use employee recognition are more relevant to the employees and to the organization than managers that don’t. They’re out there, they’re pulling people off the floor, they’re praising them, they’re recognizing them, they’re helping them build their careers and they’re using recognition as the vehicle to do that. Those managers are much more relevant than the managers you’ve got to pry out of their offices.

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