How can you avoid EEOC charges?

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Strong training for all employees and a dedicate corporate internal resolution process helps your company to avoid EEOC charges

Internal dispute processes
You want to have an internal dispute resolution process that works, that people know about, that is not just lip service, that actually gets things done about things that could bring about EEOC charges. People need know that you can make a complaint to someone in management or HR or legal. It gets resolved.

You want to train managers so they understand how to treat employees and also what their legal and corporate obligations are. Then train employees so they know how they should be treating one another and so that they know what our policies are and how to raise concerns if they have them.

The charge statistics that the EEOC posts on its website, they have data from 1997 through 2007. They don’t have the 2008 data up yet. But in 2007, 82,792 charges were filed. Of that, 37% were race, 30.1% were sex, 11% were national origin, and then it goes down from there. But I will tell you that 32.3% was retaliation. So, retaliation is a big ticket item when we’re looking at these EEOC charges. Age was 23.2%, disability 21.4%.

A strong internal dispute resolution process and training for both managers and employees on their legal, corporate and ethical obligations will help your company avoid EEOC charges

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